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At Kids R Kids, Learning Begins in Infancy

At birth, your infant's brain has 100 billion brain cells, but only 17% are activated.  After just two weeks, her brain is expanding at the rate of 500,000 cells per minute.  Her first year offers a tremendous opportunity to shape her future.  The Kids R Kids Infant Program is designed to engage your infant and to provide her with the stimulation so critical for early brain development. 

Health and Safety Are Our Top Priorities

Rest assured, your infant will be in a safe, nurturing environment.  Our classrooms are equipped with video cameras that enable parents to remotely view their children on a PC or smart phone.  Our teachers are trained in infant CPR/First Aid, along with SIDS prevention and other infant safety training.  Each crib is equipped with an Angel Care sleep monitor system to detech breathing and heart beat while your child takes naps.  Parents and staff are required to remove their shoes or wear booties to minimize dirt and germs on the floor.  Toys and manipulatives are disinfected throughout the day and the classroom is cleaned and disinfected each night.  In an effort to offer a clean environment, our school is sanitized quarterly by DininFX, http://www.disinfx.com/ and is also equipped with a ZONO machine that is routinely used to disenfect toys as needed onsite.  Read more at www.zonosanitech.com

Language and Communication

Infants crave exposure to language.  In a sea of sounds, your infant’s brain begins to determine beginning and ending word sounds, differentiating up to 3000 words per hour.  We encourage our infant teachers to carry on constant conversations with these little learners.  This is also the perfect time to introduce sign language, as it begins to build a great foundation for vocabulary, oral development, and speeds ability to communicate with caregiver

Social and Emotional

Infants begin developing interpersonal bonds just seconds after birth.  They actively seek engagement and at 6 months, begin to mimic facial gestures and actions.  When your infant’s social and emotional needs are met it enables trust and improves their ability to build lasting relationships.  Our curriculum encourages teachers to maximize physical contact, hugging, cuddling, and making eye contact as they engage our infants.

Motor Skills Development

Infants also crave physical stimulation.  Our program includes a focus on interactive activities which help develop gross motor skills.  We provide separate classrooms for younger and older infants, which allows larger more mobile babies to explore and to engage in developmental activities and for our littlest learners to enjoy a more gentle environment.

Our Kids 'R' Kids Infant-Toddler Program includes:

  • a comforting place that focuses on love and trust
  • sign language techniques to maximize communication skills
  • daily exercises and activities designed to coincide with physical development
  • daily reports and weekly lesson plans via Tadpoles to keep you informed of your child's development
  • Ratios that are 10-20% lower than the industry standard
  • Weekly music class by Opus One Music

Adventure and Growth

Learning centers, with educational and developmentally appropriate toys designed for learning, create a bright and exciting environment for your child. Expanding the imagination and strengthening the muscles has never been more fun!

Weekly lesson plans provide activities designed to develop skills necessary to accomplish developmental milestones. Our extensive Infant-Toddler Sign Language Program, which is known to eliminate frustration for children who have yet to form their verbal vocabulary, introduces age-appropriate language skills for non-verbal communication.

Kids R Kids believes in balancing fun with fitness and learning with laughter. Communicating, crawling, creating and exploring underscore the meaning behind developing the whole child.

Love and Laughs

At this tender age, there's no such thing as too much love, too many hugs, or too many giggles. As babies grow into toddlers, it's imperative to create strong bonds with families and caregivers. At Kids 'R' Kids, you know your child is being loved, hugged and nurtured from the very beginning and as she continues to develop. That's the Kids 'R' Kids difference!

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