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How to instill and inspire a love for math in your Spring, Texas preschool child

Posted on 06-23-2014


Acquiring math skills at a young age is an important skill for children. Even with calculators and computers being so prevalent, it is still important that children learn these skills. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Legends, we have been running a successful child care center with a curriculum that includes a brain development program. Math skills are an integral part of child brain development and therefore a prominent part of our program. Below are some tips on how to inspire your child to enjoy math at home and in preschool.

Make it fun

Finding fun math inspired games is a good way to start the process. These games can require some counting in which your child can use his fingers, a counting toy or even a child’s calculator. A fun game we recommend is the card game UNO. This is a game the entire family will enjoy.

Start early

Start your child early to learn about and get comfortable with math. Your child needs to understand the concept of numbers and counting before he can begin to learn. Here are some ways to begin to teach your child:

  • When you are preparing breakfast, you can count eggs or pancakes or berries. This is a fun and simple way to teach young children how to count.
  • Using a box or any other shape of object, teach them how to count the sides of the box or picture frame or whatever. This will also teach them about shapes.

Set a good example

Be confident when you are helping your child with all their math tasks. Have a positive attitude, and show your child how math is present in daily life, such as finding the channels on the TV remote or dialing a phone number. Every day there are small ways to teach your young child about numbers.

For older children, helping them understand that math is all around us, in technology, medicine, business. Remind your child about the different professions that require math skills such as being a teacher or an architect.

If you are looking for more information about child care center services in Spring, Texas, contact us or visit our facility.

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